This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

This is a picture of two of my favorite people in one of my favorite places.  Without knowing anything else about them or the location, you would simply have to take my word that what I’ve said is true.  But I won’t leave you wondering.  Those are my parents, and they are sitting in the middle of a lavender farm at Hood River, Oregon, not far from the base of Mount Hood.

My parents are just that – mine.  Your parents, relatives, family, and friends are your favorites because they hold special meaning to you.  This place, Hood River, holds special meaning to us, as it is where my Dad was born, and it is a most beautiful place to visit.

As you think back (farther back for some of us!), especially to the holiday seasons, you perhaps remember all the family members who once gathered in droves to celebrate.  Many of these have long since inherited their eternal reward.  You remember the places, grandparents’ homes, special trips together, or family recipes that need to once again be brought out and dusted off for use!  You remember just a few of your favorite things (cue the music here with Julie Andrews singing).  And your heart smiles.
Our trips back to Oregon have been blessed ones.  My parents are still with us and continue to take one day at a time through health difficulties and those other ‘benefits’ of aging.  The majority of our crew was able to gather for this Thanksgiving – another of my favorite things – and we plan to do it again for Christmas.

Favorites.  Blessings.  God’s goodness, granted to us to through those we love and hold dear and through precious memories of days gone by.  My Dad’s mother, in particular, would be especially pleased that we’ve visited their old stomping grounds in the beautiful northwest U.S.  She would be thrilled at the family gatherings, and she would be right in the middle of the kids’ games herself.  But I believe she would be most proud knowing that her “favorites” love the Lord and continue to rely on Him daily.
God doesn’t have favorites among His children.  — Oh, but maybe He does.  Maybe we are all His favorites.

You are one of mine.

Just a thought.

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