This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

It’s all the same.  We just use different words to describe it.  Some say it’s a momento,  Some might call it a treasure.  Some would say it’s an artifact.  And still others might call it junk.  Whatever the word, the fact remains that whatever it is to them, we might have other ideas.

A few years ago, a cousin who has now recently passed on to her Heavenly reward sent me a package.  The first thing I noticed was her name and return address, of course, but immediately also noticed that the box seemed to weigh nothing at all.  I ripped into it as soon as could, and I found this old hat along with a handwritten note.

It seems that her father, my great uncle, found the hat in the barn on the family property one day many years ago and brought it home with him because it belonged to his father, my great grandfather.  He held onto the hat for years, then my cousin wound up with it.  And then, because she called me the “family historian,” she thought I might like to have it.  I was thrilled, and the hat is high on a perch in my home today.  I never knew this particular great grandfather.  He died five years before I was born.  But this old broken well-worn hat became for me a connection to my family and my past.  I have many other momentos (or pieces of junk, depending on your view) from other various family members, and each have their own connection for me.

Interesting, isn’t it, that we hang onto things that remind us of our past?  And yet, our future is so much more important!  One thing the holiday season helps to do is remind us of what is most important in our lives — faith, family, and yes, good memories.

It’s okay to look back on the past.  Just don’t set up camp and dwell there.  I look to hand off some things to my kids one day.  Whether they keep them or chunk them will be their prerogative.  What I most want them to look back and remember is that their old Dad tried his best to teach them about those most important things.

Enjoy your holidays.  Make new memories.  And share the old ones as you do.  Introduce the new generations to stories of faithfulness and God’s goodness in your family!
Just a thought.

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