This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

I remember many Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings from my half-century-plus of gathering.  And every one of those included some of my family members.  My family is probably no different than yours.  There were the great cooks and the not-so-great ones.  There were the loud, keep-the-fun-going relatives, and there were those who preferred to simply sit and watch the nonsense.  There were those who got to sit in a privileged spot at the “grown-up” table, and there were those of us who had to wait several years to gain that honor.

Christmas gatherings included older relatives and friends that became like relatives.  The men and women swapped presents by drawing numbers.  Inevitably a number would get lost, and one of the ladies would end up with a men’s shaving kit or some such oddity.  We kids looked forward to the gadgets and things that a particular uncle passed around from his tote sack.  Then, slowly but surely, the dynamics changed.  Older ones passed on, younger ones moved on, and our memories became precious indeed.

This little sign I spotted somewhere this past summer sums it up for me, and probably for many of you as well.  “Remember as far as everyone knows, we are a nice normal family.”  I can’t help but laugh.  My crazy family might not seem nice or normal to you, and vice versa.  But if we were all alike, oh how dull this world would be!

As you gather with your “normal” (or not) family members this season, be thankful.  Thankful for the time God has provided for you to be together.  Thankful for the love that those loved ones share.  I’m personally thankful that this crazy one gets to now sit at the grown-up table — the very same grown-up table that once sat in my Grandmother’s dining room with many a person gathered around it and so many more of us waiting our turn!  And certainly I’m thankful to the Lord above for His goodness and grace upon me and my crazy family this past year.  I’m praying you experience the same blessings as you gather.

Oh, and another word.  Think about your family members.  If you can’t figure out which one is the crazy one, it’s probably you!  Thank God He loves crazy too!

Just a thought.

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