This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

The world is full of evil.  That statement is not a revelation to any of you.  What may catch some of you off guard is that we are the world.  At the root of all of it, there is evil – sin.  And there seems to be such a distance between good and evil.  Two very opposite ends of the spectrum.  Yet, they are connected, because we are the connecting link.  We look around and see the sin and evil, failing to realize that but by the grace of God, there we go as well.

The picture I’m sharing is one of many I’ve taken through the years of our National Mall in Washington, D.C.  Using the ‘zoom’ on my camera, this shot is taken from the Lincoln Memorial looking across the reflecting pool through the World War II Memorial, past the Washington Monument, to the United States Capitol Building.  Each of these spots seem very close when you look from one to the next.  However, there is a distance of two miles from the Lincoln Memorial at one end to the Capitol Building on the other.  Each is separated by distance.  But they are all connected because of where they stand.

We look at the sadness, destruction, and riots across our country, and we think that because we are separated by distance, it isn’t anything with which to concern ourselves.  Yet, we all stand connected as citizens of this great nation.  And yes, I said great.  There is no making it great, or returning it to greatness.  The United States of America has always been great.  And we should stand united in prayerful support of our leaders.

The reality is we are all connected.  Through it all, we can see the pain and the greatness from one end to the other.  Evil will always be present at one end.  But praise God, He is always at the other.  Just look!  Through it all, He has not moved!  Great is our God.  Stand united and proclaim His greatness this week!

Just a thought.

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