This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

Quarantine.  Lockdown.  Social distancing.  Call it what you wish.  We all have different opinions and emotions wrapped up in this experience.  Congregational worship has been changed for all of us.  And although some have learned how to broadcast through the internet, tune in to a radio or television preacher, or even attend a drive-in type service, none of these can compare to being in God’s house in person with other Christ followers and Bible believers engaged in corporate worship!

This photo is of my church.  You know, I have always cringed whenever I would hear a preacher of any kind refer to a church with that phrase – “my church”.  It is, after all, not mine.  It is God’s.  It is ours.  We make up the church.  To say it is “my church” implies that it all belongs to me, all the people answer to me, and I am in control.  Well guess what.  I am far from in control, but I am so thankful God is!

And because all these days, weeks, and months we have been forced to find other places and ways to worship instead of appearing inside the church building, I looked at my photo and automatically thought, “I’m so ready to be back in my church!”  My church.

I claim it.  Not arrogantly, but because I long to be there.  I’m ready to be back worshiping together in God’s house, in our church building, in my church – filled with my fellow believers, my friends, my family members, singing my favorite hymns, and worshiping My God!  This week, name it and claim it.

Looking forward to being back inside my church.

Just a thought.

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