This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

This is a simple concrete birdbath.  It sits in a public place not far from where I live.  This particular day, it was unoccupied, but it was full of water.  Why would a birdbath need water if there are no birds around?  Why the water if it isn’t being used?  Why have a place for hot birdies to cool off if they don’t take advantage of it?

Why be kind?  Why smile?  Why share a pat on the back or a hug?  Why bother?  Because somewhere stands the one person who needs it!

Somewhere close by there are birds that will take advantage of the cool water of that concrete birdbath.  If the water wasn’t there, they would have to go elsewhere.

If we aren’t kind, loving, and sharing with the world around us, then how will they receive it?  The Bible asks us these questions. “How will they hear unless they are told?  And how will they be told unless we tell them?”

How will the world feel loved, how will our neighbor come to know Jesus, how will we ever make a difference unless we are first willing to share?  You keep a birdbath filled with water because the birds will soon need it.  You share the love of Jesus in this very messed up world of ours because even though they may not realize it right this minute, they need it!

How will our world ever change for the better, unless we are willing to make the effort too?

Just a thought.

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