This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

This monument to the “Immigrant” stands in a small riverfront park in New Orleans, Louisiana.  It makes me wonder about those long-ago family members of mine who must have left family and friends behind in order to travel to the “New World” and begin again.  What did they experience?  What were the difficulties they faced?

I can’t help but also think about the many thousands of illegal immigrants that come into our country.  Far too many people don’t see the difference between these two scenarios.  But there is a huge one, and it’s the difference between right and wrong.

My Lord and my God welcomes all who will to come to Him, and He waits with open arms for them to arrive.  But they must arrive by only one Way, and that is His Way – acknowledging Him as Lord and Savior of your life.  You can’t sneak in.  You can’t stow away on someone else’s means of transportation.  And you certainly cannot scale the walls.

As harsh as it may sound, and as difficult as it still seems to be for so many people in this big world, only those who come to Jesus the correct way will ever enter into His presence.  Welcome the immigrants, the ones who come the right way.  And be wary of those who try to get around the rules to get where we are.  It cannot work that way.  The word ‘illegal’ is a combination of two words – ‘ill’ and ‘legal’.  We understand the word ‘legal’.  The word ‘ill’ is easily defined also, though.  It refers to a sickness, something that should not be, something that could and should be prevented.  Stay well.

Disclaimer – For those who may interpret this as a political statement, it is not intended to be.  It is simply…

Just a thought.

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