This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

I’ve probably shared a picture of a full moon with you at sometime in the past, but here’s another.  I was thinking about that term ‘full moon’.

We can have a full understanding of a subject.  We might enjoy a full course meal.  We might drive with a full gas tank.  And of course, we might see that big bright full moon.  The word ‘full’ means basically the same in each of those circumstances — complete, filled to capacity, room for no more.

We have each watched a hungry pre-teen devour a table loaded with snacks and wondered if he would ever be full.  Perhaps we think of ourselves studying, praying, and learning all that we can about God and even wonder if we will ever be full.  I pray not.

If full means complete, and there is no room for any more, then I pray that we never get full.  As we attempt to fill our lives this week with all that is good and holy, may we always sense the feeling that there is room for more — more understanding, more love, more patience, more of Him!

Just a thought.

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