This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

You may take one look at my picture this week and say, “That’s nothing but a mountain.  What’s so special about it?”  This particular mountain or large hill in the state of Oregon doesn’t really stand out.  There is green grass growing all around.  There are plenty of trees and bushes scattered all over.  There are some bare spots showing.  Plain dirt on a plain hillside.

We love those mountain top experiences where we seem to meet with God face to face and see His goodness and grace perhaps in ways we haven’t for a while.  And then we get disappointed when that experience has ended and down the mountain we come.

Maybe we should take our “normal” to the mountain.  What if we carried our plain old every day stuff – even the dirt – and especially those spots we don’t dare to bare for anyone else – to the Lord’s mountain.  Maybe our perspective would change, because even though all these trees, bushes, and dirt look ordinary, they are pretty special indeed, because they part of a mountaintop experience.

Maybe that makes no sense to you at all.  It is just plain old everyday stuff.  However, even my plain old everyday self is much better when I’ve been to the mountain.  Carry your “stuff” to the Lord today.  Allow His wisdom to plant it here and there, using you along the way.  Our plain old dirt could very well be the example and the encouragement someone else needs to see as they look for their mountain experience this week.

Just a thought.

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