To Kill Sin – Attack What Lies Beneath

By Ryan Kelly –

Most people only see sin when it results in a noticeable outcome like divorce, theft, bankruptcy, or some other painful outcome. The result of the sin is seen, but often the source is unseen.

Biologically, a fungus is only seen when the reproductive portion of the organism rises above the surface. This is seen most often with mushrooms. The mushroom is not the body of the fungus itself, it’s the evidence of the rootlike mycelium body under the surface. This mycelium is the true organism, not the visible mushroom. If you tear off the mushroom, the fungus lives on. To kill the fungus, you must kill what is underneath.

For us, we can fix the visible result of sin. We can force people to be sexually pure, to not get a divorce, to not steal or make bad choices. But unless we eliminate the evil and sinful desires of the flesh, we are fooling ourselves to assume that sin is not with us.

We must attack what is below the surface and in the name of Jesus destroy the sin within us. Through the power of Jesus darkness cannot stand against the light (John 3:20). Draw to Him, and sin will have no choice but to flee from you. This is one important step at seeking righteousness through your relationship with our Savior.

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