This Week’s Thought

Just a thought to help start your week.

Have you ever wondered what a dog might do if it ever caught its own tail while running in circles?  Well, this deer wasn’t actually running in circles, but it had just about caught its own tail here.

Some weeks have us running in circles, don’t they?  I’m sure most of us have a full calendar, whether we have meetings or places to go or things to do in our own self-imposed hurry-it-along schedules.

Don’t get so caught up running in circles that you miss the world around you this week.  A dog spins and spins chasing its tail, all the while oblivious to our laughter.  Had this deer actually caught its tail, I would have been amused whether the deer noticed me laughing or not.

You can spin in circles all week long if you choose.  But in doing so, you might never actually catch up.  And, the other folks around you are quite amused by watching, whether you realize it or not.

Slow down.  Stop.  Quit spinning.  Get your bearings.  Focus on the priorities.  And then go straight ahead into the week, knowing you can cover more ground for the Kingdom by walking a straight line than you ever could by spinning in circles.

Just a thought.

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