This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

On display in the museum adjacent to The Alamo in San Antonio, Texas, are many items relating to that battle and the people and area around it.  Among those items are the ones pictured here – Sam Houston’s sword and David Crockett’s rifle.  Both of these men, long gone, are remembered for their refusal to back down and their stance for their beliefs.

My wife and I are proud owners of a handful of old Bibles given to us along the way from now deceased relatives or their family members.  These precious items remind us of loved ones long past and their stance for their beliefs as well.

In the end, a sword is just a sword, and a rifle is just a rifle.  But a Bible – well that’s a different story entirely.  This is mainly because God’s Word never changes.  It does not rust or decay.  Once hidden in our hearts, it is kept and not forgotten.  Even the pages of those well worn Bibles will one day be gone, but His Word will stand forever.

This weekend, my family and I were able to attend a homecoming service and I was blessed to preach at the church where my father pastored for nearly three decades.  Older ones have gone on.  Younger ones sit in their pews.  But the Word was still the same!

As you stand this week, stand on the memories of those gone before us.  Stand on the fact that their causes were great.  But stand even taller on the Word of God, and allow it to lead your way in the week ahead.

Just a thought.

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