This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

In this picture, you see the sign above the door of the Thai Embassy, located in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, D.C.  The country of Thailand, along with so many other countries, own and operate embassies inside the United States.  An embassy gives a “safe-place” or neutral location for residents of that particular country to go for help in many areas if necessary.  Of course, the United States houses many such places in other foreign countries around the world as well.

Here we are in this world as foreigners, merely travelers passing through.  The world is full of terrible sin, unsafe, and difficult at best.  Yet, here we are.  Not even our churches are a safe place for worshipers to gather any more.  Nothing is sacred.  Sin is rampant.

Yet, for the Christian, there is a safe place in the arms of Jesus if only we will allow Him to lead according to His will, to place us in the parts of our towns, neighborhoods, and even our churches where we will be the light in such a dark place.

Regardless of how dim it may look today, there is a much brighter day coming for the child of God!  When?  Only God knows.  Why the difficulties until then?  Sin.  Period.  May God continue to guide, guard, and protect as we go about His work from day to day, understanding that any day may very well be our last chance to make a difference.  Don’t miss your chance!

Just a thought —  (and prayers for Southerland, Texas, and so many other hurting areas.)

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