Taking Back Halloween in the Name of Jesus

By Ryan Kelly –

If you’re like me, you used to write-off Halloween as a day of evil that Christians should have nothing to do with.  And, I did this for a number of years.  But I heard a very wise man say a while back that God did not create 364 days each year, but 365.  Every day was created with the purpose of glorifying God, and no Christian should “write off” a day just because some people declare it for evil.  This changed my outlook not only on Halloween, but on every day and every moment.

As Christians, we should declare Halloween a holy day for God.  We should not participate in the evil things of Halloween, even if it is meant for fun.  But rather, it should be an opportunity to bring glory to God and outreach to our neighbors and friends.

For example, we should not have skulls, tombstones, witches, or ghosts hanging around of front porches.  We should not try to scare people or be ‘spooky.’  But, we can pass out candy with Bible verses on them.  We can trick or treat in fun costumes like superheros or princesses and visit with friends as we are out, saying positive and encouraging things in the name of Jesus.  We can carve a pumpkin with a cross in it, or post a Bible verse reference on the door.  These things allow us to have fun, but do so in a righteous way.

Do you have something planned that you are unsure if it is Christ-honoring?  Just pray about it, and allow God to influence your heart as to whether something is holy or unholy.  Then, it is up to you to decide whether to follow.

So have fun today, but do so in a way that brings glory to God in every moment.

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