This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Sit in the upper deck of the stadium for your favorite game, and wow, what a view!  Take an airplane ride across the country, and wow, what a view!  Venture up the mountainside roads in many of our national and state parks, and wow, what a view!  Or, just ride the oval-shaped elevator cars to the top of the Arch in downtown St. Louis, Missouri, and wow, what a view you see here in my picture.

I would like to remind us each this week that the “view” from the Christian life is spectacular.  When we have a problem, we look to God, and wow, what a view!  When we struggle with daily schedules and responsibilities, we look for help from above, and wow, what a view!  When we look heavenward and cry out for help and healing for someone who is desperately ill and hurting, wow, what a view we have!

You see, we Christians have a view that the rest of the world has not yet experienced.  And wow, is it spectacular!  But the greatest part is this — We haven’t even seen the greatest view yet!  Just wait until we take our own trip heavenward.  I look forward to that view.

We need to share the view with our world this week!

Just a thought.

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