Don’t Look Down!

By Ryan Kelly –

A few years ago, God would give me a simple but powerful message about life – “don’t look down.”  

What did he mean by this?  It’s my belief that He was doing a great work in my life and beginning to give me a measure of wealth, power and success.  The reason for the caution on not looking down was to keep my eyes on Him and not on the things of this world…because those things were never about me and solely about Him. 

It reminds me of the Mark 6 when the disciples were on a boat in the Sea of Galillee when a storm approached. In the midst of the storm, Peter saw Jesus walking on the rippling water and heard Jesus call to Him. Peter stepped out of the boat and momentarily walked on the water with Jesus, until he was distracted by the waves and lightning and then looked down to realize how far he could fall. Then, he fell. 

We must keep our eyes on Jesus always. When we do, life circumstances will not shift us away from God’s will for each of us. When we focus only on Jesus, we will do great things in His name. 

Keep the faith – a faith that, if the Lord wills, can move mountains!

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