This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –


It is only 55 degrees this morning in West Central Alabama, and it feels amazing.  Fall is definitely in the air.  The leaves are beginning to change color and fall from the trees.  The year is soon coming to a close.  So, imagine how surprised we have been to see this rose blooming at our house!
This particular rose is the only bloom on all of our otherwise bare bushes, but it stands tall and proud and blooms alone.  What a very simple message for each one of us.
The world is obviously falling down around us.  It certainly seems as if times are coming to a close.  And yet what a wonderful difference we can make if we will bloom anyway!
Be the rose, the one bright spot, in the week ahead.  Stand alone if need be.  But bloom anyway.  Make a difference!
Just a (very simple) thought.

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