This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Sometimes we begin our Monday mornings by wondering where the path will take us this week.  There may be meetings or appointments in our near future.  There may be nothing on our calendar for the week ahead.  Yet, we each walk a path, perhaps not too unlike this one on my in-law’s property, and we cannot clearly see where the path leads.

Walking the Christian path is not the easiest way to travel, and yet it’s the one we followers of Christ have been called to walk.  So think of it something like this.  As autumn approaches, our pathway will be colored with bright leaves and decorated with fallen pine cones and acorns or the occasional red spider lily.  Summer months provide a lush green path, and the months of spring provide life along the way in the form of new growth and baby birds in their nests.  Even winter provides us with a clear walking path, because the leaves have fallen and our way seems to be brighter lit.

You have been called to walk a particular path this week – one designed just for you.  Enjoy the walk.  Worship the Creator as you travel through the week ahead, giving thanks for all you encounter along the way.  No, you don’t necessarily know what all the path holds ahead, but trust the One Who does.  No matter the season, and no matter the week day, His path is a beautiful one to travel.  May He bless your walk this week.

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