Preaching the Gospel to All

By Ryan Kelly –

We as Christians know that evangelizing to non believers is part of our joy, privilege, and responsibility. There is a huge number of people in our land that do not place their faith in Jesus. Some know of the Bible, some  may even know who Jesus is, but many are waiting to receive the Word of God

Jesus illustrates the reaction to the Word in the parable of the sower in Mark 4. Some will reject the Word on the outset (birds devouring the seed), others will see the seed produce a good work but not saving faith (rocky soil), and others will receive the Word but will have it drowned out by distraction and conflict (seed among thorns). But, some will have good soil and will grow the seed. This good soil represents the non believers that accept Jesus and worship Him as a result.

It is not up to us to cultivate someone else’s soil. We are to take the perfect Word of a God (the seed) and scatter it to everyone. Then, as we see in Galatians 6, it is God that will water the seed and produce fruit.

So, scatter God’s seed in our land and watch Him produce a great harvest in the name of  Jesus!

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