This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

It’s another Monday morning in a month of many new “firsts” for a lot of folks.  New schools, new college experiences, new adventures, perhaps even new jobs that all begin this month are each bringing with them new challenges for which we must all be ready.

Failure to prepare for school or work will likely lead to some disappointment sooner than later.  And yet, some days we prepare, we study, we pray, we talk to the Lord, and it still seems as if nothing goes right, and we catch ourselves wondering if He was listening.

We arrived home one day recently to find this little fellow on the edge of the carport – either exploring on his own or unwillingly drug up by the cat.  It doesn’t matter the size or color or countenance of a snake – NO ONE is prepared to walk up on their own turf and encounter one.  And yet, there they are.

The dangers, disappointments, and difficult days will still be there.  However, we are to prepare as much as possible anyway.  Preparation lets you know when the snake is poisonous or simply a cat-snack.  Preparation helps you determine that even through difficult days, it can still be very good beginning to a very good adventure.

Talk to the Lord.  He IS listening.  Prepare your heart for whatever He allows to come your way this week, trusting Him to always go ahead of you and take care of you.

Blessings on those new beginnings!


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