Like Your Heavenly Father

By Ryan Kelly –

Fathers’ Day is a day where we celebrate our dads and what they have done for us. For those of us that are fathers ourselves, it’s a day or joy where our wives and children show their love for us. But, Fathers’ Day can have a greater meaning. 

“Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.”  Matthew 5:48

Regardless of the status of our Earthly father, we all have a Heavenly Father. God the Father created each of us in His perfect will and made you perfect through the blood of Jesus. 

We therefore, have a privilege and responsibility to grow in our relationship with God.  By growing our relationship with  God, we better understand the sin in our life and we better understand how to eliminate this sin. We grow closer to  God, and therefore closer to perfection. 
Let’s be like your Heavenly Father and use that as the example for the entire world to follow. 

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