This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Hi all.  Just a thought to help start your week.

I had the feeling I was being watched.  I was walking along a narrow pathway earlier this morning.  The sun was still rising, birds were chirping, and I was all alone.  At least that’s what I thought.

I hadn’t been out there long.  I had stopped at the beautiful river-side park to stretch my legs for a bit, and it couldn’t have been more than ten minutes before I sensed that I wasn’t alone after all.  It was daylight, and no person lurked anywhere that I saw. Nothing obstructed my view, and the pathway was clear.  And then I heard it — the little clicking sound.  It was almost as if someone was enjoying a snack in the very near vicinity, and yet there was no one around.  I’m not paranoid, and I wasn’t scared or even startled.  But I was curious.

Then as I turned my head slightly to the left, I saw the beady little eyes that you see in this picture.  The critter, just finishing what must have been an extra-delicious acorn, was now watching me ever so closely, first from one side of the tree and then from the other, as if to say, “Good morning human!  What a glorious day God has blessed us with today!  Enjoy the quiet as I do, and be prepared for whomever you might meet on today’s path.  You are being watched, you know.”

As so I was — being watched, that is.  I actually turned and walked off before the squirrel did.  But whatever critter God puts in your midst this week, be aware that you as God’s child are being watched — not menacingly, not threateningly, but with just enough curiosity to incite wonder.  Whether it’s the squirrel on the tree this morning, or the snake curled up on the carport last night, God’s creatures are always near.  As so is He!

Wherever your path leads this week, may it be quiet and peaceful, may you never be alone, and may you share the love of His creation with others.

Just a thought.

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