This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

Do you ever have those days when you feel a little slower than other days?  You just take a little longer to get going, longer to catch up, and some days longer to simply catch on to what’s going on.  Sometimes the world needs to be very plain for us.  This sign is one example – “Rocks”.

More than likely, one could tell from the surroundings that there are plenty of rocks around.  We might even see that there is a danger of falling rocks.  Maybe there’s a large rock on which we can pose for that ever-annoying “selfie”.  But for some reason, the road department felt it was necessary to erect a sign pointing out the obvious.

The Bible is God’s sign to us.  And, it points out the obvious.  We are sinners in need of His saving grace and salvation.  Our sign would say “Grace”, because the grace of God is all that keeps us here and keeps us going.  It should be obvious to all of us, and yet some need a posted sign in order to take notice.

Watch for the signs this week.  Signs that the world is sinful.  Signs that He will return one day soon.  Signs of the times.  Just remember that the One labeled “Rock” loves every one of us who wear the label “Grace”.  Yes some days I need a sign.  I’m just thankful He continues to point out the obvious.

Just a thought.

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