Death Could Not Hold Him!

By Ryan Kelly –

Easter Sunday is not just another day.  It is a day where we celebrate the greatest gift that has ever been given, the gift of eternal life for everyone who believes and worships our Lord and Savior Jesus.

The Bible describes many miracles that Jesus performed.  He turned water into wine, He walked on water, He healed many and drove out demons.  He did many miraculous things while He ministered here on Earth.  But in the end, someone can always try and justify how such a miracle could have occurred.  

However, something that can never be explained away is the empty tomb.  Even the religious leaders and Roman soldiers knew their half-baked explanation was as empty as the tomb itself, yet to save face they still tried to explain it away.  History has shown, though, that anyone who studies the resurrection of Jesus will always come to absolute faith in our Lord, as the evidence of its truth is undeniable.

By conquering both sin (on the cross) and death (with the resurrection) it means that you and I too are able to follow Jesus in conquering sin and death.  His blood washes away each sin that we commit, and His rising from death means that we too will rise with Him once we die from this Earth.  This is truly the only priceless gift that has ever existed, and it is one given to us because of the great love that the Lord bestows on us.

Praise to the Lord for Jesus is Risen!  Death could not hold Him, and for all who believe and worship Jesus, it will not hold us either!  

Happy Easter everyone.

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