This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

As we drove through Ohio and Pennsylvania, we did a little random searching for Amish-related communities or some such place.  What we discovered was that many were quite a ways off of our planned route, and most of them were heavily commercialized, so we chose not to pursue any of them.  Then traveling back into North Carolina, we saw many signs in Hickory, NC, advertising Amish furniture.  

I exited the highway and we assumed we would head to a quiet rustic place where we could wander and look around.  Instead, we were directed right into town where we located a very large furniture mall, composed entirely of many different furniture stores, very few of which actually claimed to carry Amish items.  Since we’d made it a point to go, we took some time to wander in and take a look for ourselves.

One place of business did indeed have many very outrageously overpriced pieces which we carefully observed.  And there, in the middle of the large store, was this Amish buggy, up on a pedestal-like perch out of reach of our curious hands.

This buggy was well away from the farm where it was once used, away from the Amish family who once rode in it to church and community events, and well away from anything we saw that resembled the simple Amish life.  And yet, it retained its identity as an Amish buggy, easily recognizable as created by the Amish.

As we wander through our world this week, are we still recognizable as the Christians we claim to be?  We can be far from church and family and still stand true to the life we are called to live as we serve the Lord.  Will the world see me and instantly recognize me as one created by The Master?

Just a thought.

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