This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

For only about the third time in these past few years, I’m breaking my own rule and using a photo that includes myself in it.  But, do me a favor and focus not on my sheepish grin, and instead notice the wooden pulpit behind which I’m standing.  Simple and plain, and yet a pulpit used in sharing the Word of God.

This summer I was privileged to visit the Billy Graham library, home, and museum at Charlotte, NC.  It is indeed a beautiful place to visit.  One can tour Billy Graham’s relocated boyhood home, his and Ruth’s gravesites, and an onsite museum, which you are reminded is about the Gospel, not the man who preached it.

I wandered, listening to video presentations, looking at artifacts, and hearing the Gospel presented, and then rounded a corner to see the very pulpit that was literally carried around the world for Billy Graham to use to preach that Good News.  I, of course, took the opportunity, aided by a kind stranger, to have my picture taken.  I must admit I was in awe and had a slight chill of goosebumps on my arms as I stood reverently still in that quiet space for just a moment.

But what remains the most remarkable is not that plain wooden pulpit, certainly not the man you see behind it, and not even the great Rev. Dr. Billy Graham, but is the Gospel message that was shared from the Word of God while he stood there.  

In human standards, I will never be another Billy Graham.  However, I can share the very same message of God’s eternal love!  Now THAT gives me goosebumps!Share the Word with me this week.

Just a thought.

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