This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

This summer, my wife and I took a multi-state trip traveling to and through many interesting places between our home in Alabama and our northern-most destination of New York.  One particular day, our GPS guided us through some tight seemingly abandoned streets of Jersey City, New Jersey, to finally reach Liberty Park, where we waited our turn among the masses to crowd onto a tour boat that then took us to Liberty Island, the home of the Statue of Liberty.  

Much about that day left me in awe, and I’ll share some of that as time passes.  But part of the majesty of the locale is the opportunity it afforded us to simply stand and stare at the magnificent New York City skyline, which you see here.  The harbor was beautiful, the untold number of different nationalities represented in the crowds was amazing, but the simple beauty of that sprawling skyline was itself something to behold.

To think of the generations of people and the vast multitude of opportunities for betterment that brought so many to this place through the years is mind boggling.  But the Lord offers us so much more.  To see and hear and know of all the wonders of true Life that He offers to all people, if only they will come to His outstretched arms, is the most mind boggling of all.  And His beauty is magnificent enough to leave one standing and staring for hours.

We tried to soak up as much of our surroundings as possible on that trip.  How much of the Lord’s gracious goodness do we make a point to soak up on a daily basis?  Are we simply walking along through the crowds, or are we stopping to take it all in?  May His beauty and all the awe He generates fill you in the week ahead.

Just a thought.

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