This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

This majestic (and very large) bird was just one of the beautiful creatures we saw on a brief but nice visit to Navarre Beach, Florida this week.  After moving our youngest to the coast to begin her new post-college-graduation job, we enjoyed a nice visit with some great people, had a great seafood supper, and then enjoyed the great views!

Kiddo has worked hard, and while we certainly have shed some parental tears over her relocation, we couldn’t be more thrilled for her or for any of our kids.  Her excitement is mixed with apprehension and wonder, as is ours.
These birds, the dolphins we watched playing in the surf, the large sea turtle that popped up to say “hi,” and the many other creatures we had the privilege of observing had not one worry or care in the world.  Even as this big bird stood scanning the waters for his next meal, he wasn’t worried that it might not come.  He was simply patient, waiting for the right moment to swoop down and snack away.

To truly cast all our cares upon the Lord means to give him all of our worries and concerns about the day.  Yes, as parents (and as God’s children), we will continue to stand watch.  But we do so not worrying about the future, only praying that each new opportunity is even better than the one before it.

As you face your new week or whatever may come your way soon, simply watch and wait.  He will provide.  You have my promise in that.  And more importantly, you have His promise to take care of you.  What a blessing it is to know He is watching over all of His kiddos!

Just a thought.

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