This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

Now this certainly isn’t the best photo I’ve ever taken, but maybe you can tell that this is a picture of a bird’s nest.  Built on top of one of the lights on our front porch, this nest is constructed of what seems to be mainly mud and moss.  

When I first noticed the mess on the porch floor and realized the nest already half built, I chose not to disturb it, but to allow the birds to continue building.  I figured I could watch and enjoy the process.  Indeed the birds – at least two of them, which I’ve called “Mom” and “Dad” – worked on their nest for several days before it seemed as if they had finished.  And then came the wait.

The layout of our home is such that my office window faces the porch.  Day after day, there was a bird sitting in that nest, occasionally peeking over the side to make sure I wasn’t getting too close.  And then one morning last week, there was an awful lot of chirping going on.  Apparently “Mom” and “Dad” had become parents of some little ones.  The babies were small enough that I haven’t seen them, but their parents are obviously taking very good care of them, feeding them constantly.  And before too long, each of those little ones will fly off on their own.

I had watched the building of the nest, observed the work of those very attentive parents, and have enjoyed the sounds of their chirping brood.  I had highly anticipated the arrival of those little ones.

As we head into a new week, I couldn’t help but wonder as I glanced at the nest again this morning, am I anticipating the Lord’s arrival as much as I did for those little chirpers?  Will I live my life in such a way in the week ahead that others see the excitement and anticipation in my voice and actions — the anticipation of a coming King?  I pray that it may be so.

One day before long, I’ll climb the ladder and clean off the porch light.  But until then, that masterfully created nest will be my reminder that He may arrive any day!  And oh what singing I will hear then!  Are you waiting and watching?
Just a thought.

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