This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

If you’ve ever visited Washington, D.C., you may recognize this as a photo of the National Cathedral.  This magnificent place of beauty is built on one of the hills surrounding downtown D.C. itself.  It stands regal, majestic, and in a place of prominence.  It’s lawns are meticulously manicured.  It’s aisles and pews are polished with a mirror-like shine.  And even the slightest of whispers echoes through the mighty chambers.  There’s nothing like it.  And yet, it’s still just a church.

I didn’t grow up in a huge church like that, but it was large nevertheless.  The church I pastor now is small by comparison to those.  And yet, God the Father inhabits the children of God inside the smallest church house just like those inside the largest.

You don’t have to attend a magnificent cathedral in order to be close to God.  And, yes, for those who would wish to take it to the extreme, you don’t have to attend any church in order to be close to God.  However, it is true that those who are close to God truly want to attend church and worship with other believers.  This year of the 2020 quarantine has left many of us longing for more ‘normal’ days to spend inside the church house with other believers!

Wherever you choose to worship, whatever Bible-believing church you choose to attend, of whatever congregation you choose to be a part, just choose.  Choose.  We have the blessing and privilege of choosing where we wish to worship!  Take advantage of that wonderful opportunity and get inside God’s house as soon as you can!  

There’s nothing like it.

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