Advancing Christian Fellowship

2020 has presented a number of unique challenges affecting Christians across our nation. COVID-19 completely disrupted church attendance, traditional church programming, and Bible Fellowship / small groups. In addition, the riots in major cities and protests across the nation over perceived racial injustice has largely fractured a mending and growing interracial church brotherhood that transcended historical racial lines. Couple these with growing uncertainty over the lines of truth and the shifting morality of our society, and it is no wonder that individuals are statistically more worried and more stressed than ever before.

We have heard many Christians say that 2020 is a lost year. Some have gone as far as to say that 2020 is a year that Satan owns, and that His work to separate and divide Christians has caused irreparable harm to the church.

It is our belief that Satan is not strong enough to separate God’s people no matter how hard he tries. He does not own one single day, and we believe it is our time to fight back against the evil’s of this world with new tools and with a new fellowship.

The American Christian Association is looking to begin a new chapter with growth of local fellowship groups and a more organized presence in our communities. These fellowship groups would be very similar to local civic groups such as Rotary, Lions Club, and many others. However, one key difference is that it would be exclusively for Christian brothers and sisters looking to take their faith in the Lord and fellowship with others to the next level.

This group would in no way substitute for the local church. Rather, it would supplement and support the local churches and allow Christians from all Bible-believing denominations to unite under the umbrella of truth and love. This group would share stories, educate members, empower fellow believers, and prayerfully grow as a body ready to defend the church and one another against the many evils of this world.

Be looking for more details about this exciting new development from the American Christian Association. We will be looking for brothers and sisters from around the nation to step forward in leading local groups. Together, we will build a more unified organization of Christians in our nation.

If you are interested in learning more or helping to start a local group, please contact us at

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