This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

These two lone pine trees have stood for several years just across the gravel driveway from the front of our house.  They aren’t large and magnificent, but they have reminded me of twins, very much alike and standing strong together.  Pine trees, of course, are evergreen trees and remain green and full all year round.

Except these two trees no longer look like they did when I took the picture.  They have both dried up, turned brown, lost all their needles, and have died.  They will simply remain where they are until they fall or are cut down.

If this corona-virus experience of 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that nothing remains the same.  You could no doubt list the things, places, and friends and family that are no longer the same.  For some, families are no longer the same either because a loved one has passed away or because someone is having a difficult time dealing with the physical effects of this virus or any number of other things.

You see, I had looked at those two trees for a few years now, thinking about how they would make excellent “posts” for a swinging hammock.  But that time has past, things have changed, and will no longer be the same.

Take advantage of your opportunities this week to make a difference somewhere, somehow.  And most importantly, I believe, cherish the relationships you have with those who are right in front of you, because things change, and we may never have these wonderful opportunities again.  Cherish those you love, hang the hammock, & experience the blessings the Lord offers this week!

Just a thought.

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