This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

What you are looking at here is a fishing float.  I noticed it bobbing along in the pond.  There’s nothing special about it.  It’s made from the same plastic that most floats are.  It is also the same red and white colors that most floats like this are.  It’s small.  It’s round.  It’s just a simple fishing float.

What is different about this little float is that it is not attached to anything.  There is no fishing line, no hook, no sinker, no nearby rod and reel.  The float is simply living up to its name and floating around in the pond.

You were designed by the Creator for some specific tasks and given some specific traits and talents made just for you.  You were put in this big pond to make a difference over the course of your time here.  Attached to fishing line from a rod and reel you become a great signaler for the fisherman, letting him know of the slightest nibble below the water’s surface.  But without the connection to the Master on the other end of that rod and reel, you are nothing more than an empty shell bob-bob-bobbing along.

The Lord longs for His children to remain connected to Him.  Although during this world-wide pandemic it may be more difficult to remain connected to certain people and things, don’t allow the interruptions to disconnect you from the Master.  You are much more useful for the kingdom when you remain connected to God and are involved in the process of fishing for souls.

Don’t just float along this week, stay connected and make a difference.

Just a thought.


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