This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

This little sign hangs in my bathroom.  It simply says, “Live Like A Wildflower”.  I’ve always thought it was a neat little sign, but only lately have I begun to really think about what it means.  How does one actually live like a wildflower?

Well, you’ve heard me, perhaps more than once, remind us that we are to bloom where we are planted.  We are to make a difference right where we are.  That could be part of what this means.

But I think it goes a little deeper than that, especially right now.  You see, wildflowers are hearty.  They are strong and resilient.  They pop up where and when they choose.  My yard currently needs mowing.  In the midst of the grass are little wildflowers.  There are tiny blue ones, small white ones, blooming clover, and the occasional dandelion.  A wildflower is strong because it overcomes adversity.  It grows through the weed jungle, popping up sometimes in cracks of the concrete or asphalt, and wherever else it can.

Right now, in our ever changing world, perhaps for the first time in some of our lives, we really understand the truth of never knowing what tomorrow holds.  So let me challenge us each to live like a wildflower.  It’s ugly out there.  The world needs a bright pop of color.  Folks need to see God’s people standing strong in the midst of the mess.  We must make a different on the concrete or asphalt this week.  Live like a wildflower.  Overcome adversity.  We must.  The world depends on it.  And God expects it.

Just a thought.

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