This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

Spring is literally on its way.  The birds are singing their praises to the Master all around us, and the days are a little warmer.  It won’t be very long until you’ll see the dogwoods blooming, if some aren’t already.

Look closely at the dogwood flowers.  I’ve always heard that the dark spots at the ends of the 4 leaves represent the marks in Jesus’ hands and feet from being nailed to the cross.  The center of the flower represents the crown of thorns.  And in a sense, the 4 petals make up a cross shape.

God certainly is in the nature around us.  My question to you this week is, “Is our nature found in God?”  Or worded a little differently, “Is our nature Godly?”  This simple little white flower seems to represent the great love of Christ.  Do our lives represent that same love?  Can folks look at us and see the marks of Jesus?  Can they see the scars of life representing the things He has brought us through?  Do we represent Him in our world?

Spring means light and life, sunshine and warmth, beauty and new birth.  Does your life represent these things?  Praying you have a ‘spring’ in your step this week, and that the light of Christ warms your heart and the heart of those with whom you share.

Just a thought.

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