This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

My photo this week is of a pesky horsefly.  Now, read that correctly.  It is not a measly little housefly.  It is a gigantimongous horse-sized horsefly.  Of course, it isn’t really that big, but it certainly looks like it.  Its buzzes sound huge.  Its bites hurt greatly.  It is a greater pest than a simple housefly.  It is big.

But is it really?  The horsefly, as much of a pest as it is, remains a small pest at that.  It can be swatted, stomped, squashed, and otherwise driven away.  It is just a fly.  A bug.  An insect.  And we are human, so much bigger than that tiny problem!

Now, think about the fact that our great big God is so much bigger than tiny little us or any problem or pest we may be experiencing this week!  The issue, be it great or small on our scale, can be swatted, stomped, squashed, and otherwise driven away by the Master’s hands!

You may feel pestered, bitten, bothered, and greatly annoyed in many ways by any number of pests this week.  However, God has the power to drive them away if He chooses, or to protect you and soothe you from the bites along the way.  Horsefly or housefly.  Big issue or small.  Let God take care of it for you this week!

Just a thought.

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