This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

Take a look at this week’s photo first.  As you study it, you should have no trouble telling where I must have been when I took the picture.  You see what appears to be a city’s downtown area, and you see a giant curved shadow in the foreground.

The shadow, of course, is of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, the top of which I was wandering around in when I captured this view.  The shadow gave away my location.

Just a very simple question for every one of us this week.  As I write this, it is Monday morning.  That means yesterday was Sunday and a day observed by worshiping.  My question is this — When you walk among your coworkers, friends, family, etc. this week, will they be able to tell where you’ve been by the shadow you cast?

Will they see the love of Christ because you spend time with Him?  Will they see any of a multitude of other things because of how you use your 24 hours each day?  What shadow will you be casting for the lost world around you to see this week?  May they see Him!

Just a thought.

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