This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

This photo happens to be of three of my favorite things — a sunrise, a mountain, and a river.

Although, admittedly, I am the type person that sees a great many more sunsets in my life than I do sunrises, I do love the sight of one.  It signals a brand new day, of course.  A new day with new opportunities, new chances, new beginnings.

To me, a mountain is one of the most majestic and glorious things God ever created.  Standing high above anything and everything else, it points to the heavens, tall, mighty, and proud, inviting all who will to come explore its grandeur.

Then there’s the river.  I live not too very far from one, and cross it many times in a week.  Rivers bend and curve, stretching for many miles in each direction, inviting exploration or simply relaxation as you listen to the flowing waters.

With a new beginning, an invitation to grand exploration, and the relaxing sounds of rushing water, I need no other comforts for my week ahead.  I know the God I serve has given me yet another opportunity to be a blessing & a witness for Him, another chance to see and be a part of the grand world He created, and another chance to relax as I listen to the sound of His calming voice leading me along.

A sunrise, a mountain, and a river.  I need nothing else from Him this week.  How about you?

Just a thought.

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