This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

In all my years of sharing these “thoughts” I’ve never shown you a picture like this one.  Here you see a lone church pulpit.  It is flanked by organ and piano, by American flag and Christian flag, by a Bible and the offering plates on the communion table, and by a lovely stained glass in the baptistry.

This particular pulpit stands in one of our nation’s smaller churches, but the building size makes no difference.  It makes no difference that the pretty flower arrangement happens to be silk and not fresh-cut from someone’s yard.  It matters not that the stage area is rather small.  What truly matters here is the Word that will be brought from the pulpit’s preacher.

And what also matters greatly is the ears that will be in the pews hearing the anointed challenge from the Lord.

How did you spend your Sunday this week?  How do you plan to spend the next one?  Were you in a Bible-believing church congregation worshiping?  The writer of Hebrews reminds us to “forsake not he meeting of ourselves together.”  Simply said, we desperately need the fellowship of the common believer!

Before you complain to the Lord this week by asking Him where He has been for you lately, ask yourself where you have been for Him.  Do I have to attend church to be a Christian?  No, certainly not.  But as a professing Christian, I should want nothing more than to spend my time in worship along with others who have the same desire.  Where will you spend your time this week?

Just a thought.

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