This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

On a very recent trip to the Columbia Gorge of Oregon and Washington states, I snapped many pictures of the scenery.  As I readied my camera to snap another photo of the river, I captured an interfering fly instead.  The bug blurred my view.

I wonder what might be blurring your focus of the week ahead.  What is it that seems to be interfering in your time with the Lord?

You see, more often than not, we go about our days with good intentions of making the world a better place, of improving our relationship with God, of being more thankful.  But, something bugs us and blurs our focus.  It only takes a brief moment to divert your eyes from Him, and when it happens, the picture is distorted.

As you being a new week, I pray the flies of temptation, worldly thoughts and problems would not hinder you as you seek to focus on the beauty of the Lord.  Of course one thing to note, is that even though the pesky fly wound up in my photo, it couldn’t take away the beautiful river and mountains beyond it.  Thank God that even when our vision blurs, He remains just beyond, waiting for us to refocus!

Just a thought.

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