This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

You see here a simple underpass.  This is a place along the course of a highway where the traffic must pass underneath another road, or in this case, a railroad.  There’s nothing really noteworthy about an underpass.

But if you think about that for a minute, you quickly realize that just as some must pass under, others will be passing over — on an overpass.

Life hits us hard some days.  And perhaps on your life’s highway this week, it seems as if you are in a never-ending underpass where the sunlight is dim and you feel awfully low.

May I encourage you to take heart, hang on, and trust the Lord, because soon (and very soon) you will be the one headed across the overpass while others are dealing with life’s difficulties.  You will be the one who has made it through the dark tunnel and are now rising above once again.

As you head into the week, I pray that life will carry you on the high road.  But as you travel along, don’t neglect to pray for those who are riding a little lower this week due to circumstances in their life.  You’ll be blessed for caring.

Just a thought.

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