This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

From time to time, I spot woodpeckers just like this one hard at work in our back yard.  This particular bird is steadily tapping on the tree, no doubt looking for a meal.  Constantly searching, constantly feeding, always hard at work.

In those words is a very clear picture of the way God the Father wants His children to spend our days.

We should be constantly searching for Him in our lives, searching for the Truth in front of us, searching for ways to be a much greater witness in the week ahead.

We should be constantly feeding on His Word, taking it in as nourishment to our souls at every possible opportunity, whether in our own private study time or in church worship gatherings.

And, we should certainly be constantly hard at work, but not just hard at work at our present employment.  We must be hard at work in sharing the love of Jesus with a hurting world all around us.

Mimic the woodpecker in your week ahead

Just a thought.

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