This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to start your week.

This summer, my youngest daughter and I got to see and visit life size replicas of two of Columbus’s ships, the Nina and the Pinta.  We both agreed that they were much smaller than we had imagined them to be.  Yet, they were built basically to exact original specifications, except for a few modern conveniences for safety reasons, of course.

We were amazed to stand aboard these ships and see and get to hear from the ships’ crew members about how life surely was for Columbus and his fellow explorers.  The boats looked real.  Our experience was real.  Great effort has been taken to make the ships as real as possible.  And, yet, they are replicas – very good imitations of the originals.

In today’s world, could you as a Christian be mistaken for the original?  What I mean is, do you represent your Creator in such a way that the world sees Him?  Or, are you simply a very good imitation?  Do you pretend to be a Christian, fooling even those closest to you?  They may never suspect a thing, but deep down you know that all is not well, and were you left to your own devices, one day your ship will sink.

This week, let’s challenge each other to be real.  Be a real Christian to those who need to see Jesus through us.  And if you haven’t had a real experience with Him yet, all it takes is true repentance and confession of your sins, inviting Him to save you and live in your heart, and committing your life to representing Him in our world.

Get ready.  There’s a world that needs to see some original Jesus in us this week!  Ships ahoy!

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