This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

We were quite entertained the other afternoon while watching this little fellow and his three siblings scampering about.  They were all equally as fuzzy, cute, and adorable.  Oblivious to our noses pressed against the windows, they went about their snooping around, bug eating, and chewing on the bottom of my grill cover!  We enjoyed watching them, partly because we have never seen one near our house.

But, we were safe inside.  That’s what made it enjoyable.  They were skunks after all.  Their furry little bodies have the potential to make the biggest of men and animal moan and wretch in disgust from their foul odor.

Isn’t life just like that?  We press our noses to the glass at the first sign of something new.  It may look cute and furry, and there may be more just like it out there.  However, therein is the great potential to make us miserable.

I’m not telling us to be wary of everything cute.  We would miss quite a few blessings that way.  But be careful.  While one end of that experience (skunk) has the little bright eyes and pointy nose, the other end can cause quite a stink — which will linger for days!

Be aware of the possible stinks, but enjoy the fuzzies this week.  Life isn’t always cut and dry.  It’s not always just black and white.  Oh, wait.  Maybe it is!

Just a thought.

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