This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Happy Independence Day! (As I type this, tomorrow is July the 4th)  For 28 years in a row, both sides of our family have celebrated the 4th with a cookout at our house, and we love it.  We also love visiting Washington, D.C., and were there just a week or so ago again.

I took this photo of parts of Arlington Cemetery from the airplane as we were preparing to land at Reagan National Airport.  For us, nothing has been more sacred in any of our D.C. trips than our visits to Arlington Cemetery to watch the changing of the guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier.  And you also see in the photo what is known as Arlington House, the former residence of General Robert E. Lee, upon whose land the cemetery was begun and has remained.

That house, sitting high on that hill, can be seen for miles around, and it stands as a testimony and a reminder of times past, as do the graves of former President John F. Kennedy and his wife and two children whose graves are very near the house, lit by an “eternal flame”.

I think it’s a very neat thing that this simple but astounding place reminds us Christians not just of times past, but of glorious times to come.  You see, I’m looking forward to my mansion on the hilltop!  The Lord is preparing a place in Heaven for all of His saved ones.  And yet, on the other hand, an eternal flame awaits those who have refused to place their trust in Him.

As you celebrate this week, thank Him for the freedoms we have in this country, the freedoms we enjoy in His family, and the ultimate freedom we look forward to one day!

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