This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Hi all.  Just a thought to help start your week.

I don’t think I’ve ever shared with you a picture of the whole group of us – my wife, our three daughters, the eldest’s beau, and then there’s me.  I’d like to share a little something different and a little more lengthy with you this week – a couple of days later in the week than normal, for a good reason.

The majority of folks don’t realize that the Lord dealt with me for many years before I accepted His call to pastor.  My Dad has been a pastor all of my life, and growing up as a P.K. (preacher’s kid), you are given a different perspective on things.  And I had that perspective — seeing the world from inside the preacher’s family.  Two many details to mention here will limit my wording to say that I promised myself I would never do a job like that.  And yet…  Doesn’t God have a grand sense of humor?!

Fast forward almost twelve years now, and the Lord has blessed our family in ways that leave us in awe sometimes.  And that brings me to my point in sharing this picture.  The youngest has finished school, and she and the middle one will now be in college at the same time.  The eldest is on her own with a brand new house, and her great “friend-boy”, as I call him, has been a wonderful addition to our family.  You see, the only way I would introduce those kids to the “preacher’s” family was by first going to them and asking their permission for this role I’ve taken on.

God first, then family, then the job.  The trouble is, some pastors get that first one and the last one sandwiched together and leave out their family.  My family is my life.  My family is my reason to go on every day.  And this email is late this week, because my family (everyone you see here) just spent a week rambling the streets of beautiful Washington, D.C.

You see, even our great nation was founded on the belief in and worship of God Himself.  What better place to take the best bunch of preacher’s kids that ever was?  I know you are blessed by your family.  You can share that with us sometime.  But for now, understand that my family is a blessing, and I am forever grateful.  Love your kids this week – no matter how old or young, no matter if they’re your blood children or not.  Love your spouse this week.  Show God He is most important by taking care of the most important treasures you have – your family.

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