This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Well, we’ve done it.  Relief and anxiety mixed into one.  The baby graduated high school this weekend!  Was I nuts, letting them grow up so fast?  How on earth did this happen?  Me – this old – this soon?!  And here we are sending another young person into this corrupt world to fend for herself. 

This squirrel doesn’t care that it lives in Nashville – one of the most famous American cities.  It cares nothing about country music.  It cares nothing about the hustle and bustle all around it.  All this squirrel cares about is a good view from a lofty perch in order to spy out more goodies upon which he can feast.

Why aren’t we the same?  Hold tight to the limb we sometimes seem to be out on.  Hold close to the Father Who created us and set us here upon this earth.  Take care to notice the little things in life – the next meal, the support system in our lives, the friendly folks around us (like the goose in the background, also minding its’ own business).

There is so much more to this life than worrying about tomorrow.  After all, God doesn’t. And He only expects us to take one day at a time.  That’s the challenge for this week. Take it just one day at a time.  Trust Him for tomorrow.  Thank Him for forgiveness of yesterday.  But live in today.  Hold close to your limb, knowing that whatever tomorrow brings, God awaits us there.

Just a thought.

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