This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week. 

Tulips.  Beautiful flowers.  Just one example of so many of God’s magnificent creations. They are a member of the lily family.  Shaped like a cup, they generally are used to symbolize perfect love. 

Tulips.  Or two lips.  Two lips God gave me.  They are seen first when I speak.  Two lips that are not always so beautiful, so gracious, and full of perfect love.  

The Scriptures remind us that God loves us more than any of the rest of His creation.  So my two lips are more important, more beautiful, and more useful to Him than any tulips can be.  I am to use my two lips to praise Him and to tell others of His greatness.

Interesting, huh?  Maybe I should use my two lips to order some tulips to show the love my two lips just can’t seem to speak.  I know, I’m twisting my words.  If you think this was tough to hear, you should have tried listening to me as I twisted up words, thoughts, and my tongue trying to preach God’s Word yesterday.  These two lips of mine, meant to spread beauty, haven’t done a very good job of that lately.

May God give us the words our two lips should speak in order to praise Him for His creation this week (including the tulips)!

Just a thought.

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