This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week. 

Who doesn’t like a good celebration?  Perhaps I should clarify a little.  I realize many so-called celebrations include several not-so-wise decisions and questionable activities, but I’m speaking here about good wholesome fun celebrations.  It might be for a birthday, marriage, retirement, or any number of other reasons.

My photo here is of one such very large celebration we were a part of at Walt Disney World a few short years ago.  There were lots of songs, fireworks, and people which made for an amazing show.

The Bible even speaks of celebrations, especially the kind that take place in Heaven when a person comes to know the Lord as their own personal savior.  Imagine the biggest, most elaborate celebration you can think of.  Now understand that the grandest of all those celebrations here on this earth are absolutely nothing to compare with a Heavenly celebration!!

It’s time for a party!  Introduce someone to Jesus this week!  Let’s celebrate together!

Just a thought.

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