This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your wee 

I have things that should be labeled.  Not just so that I know what and where they came from, but so my children will later, too.  You probably cannot read the label in this picture, but this is an old paper label glued to the bottom of a very old clothes iron that belonged to my wife’s grandmother.  On the label, she wrote, “This iron was used for 20 years,” and she signed her name.  She wanted someone later to know this information, and we are glad she did.

What if we had labels?  What if someone had marked us to identify us for the next generation and given some indication of how and for how long we were useful? 

Well, as a Christian, we do have a label.  And it is the name of Christ.  We belong to Him.

We are to be useful to Him.  Our specified duration of usefulness is not up to us, and we have no right to decide when we are done.  Only God decides when He is finished with our time here, and then He will choose to take us home.  If you are still here, then you have a purpose, and you are useful to Him.

Wear your Christian label well – not with pride, but with humbleness for the One Who gave us His label.

Just a thought.

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